Why I Became an Advocate of Chiropractic Medicine


At first, I knocked the idea of going to the chiropractor. As you all well know, my friends and I have spent a considerable portion of our lives advocating for political change in Australia and elsewhere, but I won’t let my personal beliefs seep into this post. I live a very active lifestyle and I have an excellent diet, but not even that could save me from incredible lower back pain, which came on suddenly and developed much faster than I could manage. After trying several pain management plans with my doctor, I was eventually floated the idea of going to a professional chiropractor in the area.

I was blown away by how much a single visit to a chiropractic expert helped me. My pain disappeared, and I was able to sleep at night. Granted, there was still some soreness as the day went on, but I was able to completely manage my pain with one or two acetaminophen. After doing some more research online, I was shocked to find out that there was actually a time when chiropractic medicine was considered a pseudoscience by the medical community. In recent years, studies have proven that it is highly effective in the treatment of various types of back pain.

A Chiropractor I spoke to recently had an article on their website with a bit more information about this phenomenon that I found highly interesting. Essentially, as has been shown in the past, when a scientific consensus on any issues is reached, there is little you can to do to stop competing ideas from being completely squashed. Advocating for the underdog has been a common theme across all of my written works and my activism, but chiropractic medicine ceased being the underdog a long time ago. With millions of patients in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States seeking out skilled chiropractors every year, it seems that it’s really catching on.

Consider this a personal testimony from me. Without the help of skilled chiropractors, I’d likely have had to seek out more pain management, which would have ended up in higher doses of pain medicine and an addiction that would have been difficult to fight off. This is the much better alternative, and it is just as effective as any other treatment I’ve ever received, if not more.

You’ll have to excuse me for breaking the normal tone of any content on this website, but as we fundamentally believe in freedom, who cares about maintaining a format anyway? I hope you’ve found this information useful, and if you’re one of the tens of millions who suffers from chronic joint pain, I hope you find the same relief that I did!

Sydney Photoboothing or Photobooth Hire Western Sydney?


Are you looking for a way to make your party even more fun? There are a lot of different types of entertainment you can hire for your big bash ranging from bands to comedians, but hiring entertainers can be very expensive. One of the best activities I’ve come across as a professional event organiser is photo booths. Photo booths capitalise on something everyone likes to do: taking photos. There’s no better way to make memories at an event last forever than to take a silly group photo. I’ve tested this theory at a few events I’ve hosted, and across the board, photo booths are some of the most popular activities every time.

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